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away-ro-e   "Away" Drop Earrings in Rhodium
away-yg-e   "Away" Drop Earrings in Yellow Gold
away-ro-n   "Away" Pendant Necklace in Rhodium
away-yg-n   "Away" Pendant Necklace in Yellow Gold
janet-ro-n   "Janet" Floral Bird Necklace in Rhodium
janet-yg-n   "Janet" Floral Bird Necklace in Yellow Gold
johanna-ro-n   "Johanna" Bird Disc Necklace in Rhodium
johanna-yg-n   "Johanna" Bird Disc Necklace in Yellow Gold
ursula-ro-n   "Ursula" Large Shell Pendant in Rhodium
ursula-yg-n   "Ursula" Large Shell Pendant in Yellow Gold
Adra-ro-e   Adra Earrings in Rhodium (Available in 17 colours)
Adra-yg-e   Adra Earrings in Yellow Gold (Available in 17 colours)
Ahoy-yg-br   Ahoy Bracelet in Gold
Ahoy-ro-br   Ahoy Bracelet in Rhodium
Ahoy-yg-e   Ahoy Earrings in Gold
Ahoy-ro-e   Ahoy Earrings in Rhodium
Ahoy-yg-n   Ahoy Necklace in Gold
Ahoy-ro-n   Ahoy Necklace in Rhodium
Aida-n   Aida Necklace
Alexis-yg-br   Alexis Bracelet in Gold Plated
Alexis-ro-br   Alexis Bracelet in Rhodium
Alexis-ro-e   Alexis Earrings in Rhodium
Alexis-yg-e   Alexis Earrings in Yellow Gold
Alexis-ro-n   Alexis Necklace in Rhodium
Alexis-yg-n   Alexis Necklace in Yellow Gold
Anchor-yg-st   Anchor Studs in Gold
Anchor-ro-st   Anchor Studs in Rhodium
aria-ro-e   Aria Earrings (17 colours available)
aria-yg-e   Aria Earrings in Yellow Gold(17 colours available)
Aria-ro-n   Aria Necklace in Rhodium (17 colours available)
Aria-yg-n   Aria Necklace in Yellow Gold (17 colours available)
ariel-ro-n   Ariel Small Shell Pendant Necklace in Rhodium
ariel-yg-n   Ariel Small Shell Pendant Necklace in Yellow Gold
Arrow-yg-br   Arrow Bracelet in Gold
Arrow-ro-br   Arrow Bracelet in Rhodium
arrow-ro-neck   Arrow Necklace in Rhodium
arrow-yg-n   Arrow Necklace in Yellow Gold
Bird-yg-n   Bird Necklace in Gold
Bird-ro-n   Bird Necklace in Rhodium
Bird-st   Bird Studs
Bird-yg-st   Bird Studs in Gold
d-black   Black Dahlia Earrings
lr-black   Black Large Rose Earrings
r-black   Black Small Rose Earrings
lr-blue   Blue Large Rose Earrings
Bow-yg-br   Bow Bracelet in Gold
Bow-ro-br   Bow Bracelet in Rhodium
bow-ro-n   Bow Necklace in Rhodium
bow-yg-n   Bow Necklace in Yellow Gold
Branch-yg-st   Branch Studs in Gold
Branch-ro-st   Branch Studs in Rhodium
Brooke-yg-e   Brooke Earrings in Gold
Brooke-ro-e   Brooke Earrings in Rhodium
d-brown   Brown Dahlia Earrings
lr-brown   Brown Large Rose Earrings
r-brown   Brown Small Rose Earrings
Buzzy-yg-n   Buzzy Necklace in Gold
Buzzy-ro-n   Buzzy Necklace in Rhodium
Cat-ro-br   Cat Bracelet in Gold
Cat-ro-n   Cat Necklace in Rhodium
Christina-n   Christina Necklace
Cindy-e   Cindy Earrings
d-cobalt   Cobalt Blue Dahlia Earrings
r-cobalt   Cobalt Blue Small Rose Earrings
lr-coral   Coral Rose Earrings
r-coral   Coral Small Rose Earrings
d-darkturquoise   Dark Turquoise Dahlia Earrings
lr-darkturquoise   Dark Turquoise Large Rose Earrings
Dove-e   Dove Earrings
dove-n   Dove Necklace
Elephant-ro-br   Elephant Bracelet in Rhodium
Elephant-ro-n   Elephant Necklace in Rhodium
Elise-ro-e   Elise in Rhodium (17 colours available)
Elise-yg-e   Elise in Yellow Gold (Available in 17 colours)
Elise-ro-n   Elise Necklace in Rhodium (17 colours available)
Elise-yg-n   Elise Necklace in Yellow Gold (Available in 17 colours)
Ellie-ro-e   Ellie Drops in Rhodium (17 colours available)
Ellie-yg-e   Ellie Drops in Yellow Gold (17 colours available)
Erin-e   Erin Earrings
Erin-n   Erin Necklace
Esther-yg-e   Esther Earrings in Gold (available in 6 colours)
Esther-yg-n   Esther Necklace in Gold (available in 6 colours)
Esther-ro-e   Esther Necklace in Rhodium (available in 6 colours)
Esther-ro-n   Esther Necklace in Rhodium (available in 6 colours)
Fawn-yg-e   Fawn Earrings in Gold
Fawn-ro-e   Fawn Earrings in Rhodium
Fawn-yg-n   Fawn Necklace in Gold
Fawn-ro-n   Fawn Necklace in Rhodium
Fox-ro-e   Fox Earrings in Rhodium
Fox-yg-e   Fox Hoops in Gold
fox-yg-n   Fox Necklace in Gold
fox-ro-n   Fox Necklace in Rhodium
d-red   Frosted Red Dahlia Earrings
d-fuchsia   Fuchsia Dahlia Earrings
r-fucshia   Fucshia Small Rose Earrings
Peacock-yg-n   Gold Peacock Necklace
d-green   Green Dahlia Earrings
lr-green   Green Large Rose Earrings
Greer-yg-br   Greer Bracelet in Gold Plated
Greer-ro-br   Greer Bracelet in Rhodium
Greer-ro-n   Greer Necklace in Rhodium
Greer-yg-n   Greer Necklace in Yellow Gold
Greer-ro-e   Greer Pearl and CZ in Rhodium
Greer-yg-e   Greer Pearl and CZ in Yellow Gold
lr-grey   Grey Large Rose Earrings
Heart-ro-br   Heart Bracelet in Rhodium
Heart-ro-n   Heart Necklace in Rhodium
Heart-st   Heart Studs
Heart-yg-st   Heart Studs in Gold
Heather-yg-n   Heather Necklace in Gold
Heather-ro-n   Heather Necklace in Rhodium
lr-hotpink   Hot Pink Large Rose Earrings
Jasmine-yg-n   Jasmine Necklace in Gold
Jasmine-ro-n   Jasmine Necklace in Rhodium
Jill-ro-e   Jill Earrings in Rhodium (Available in 17 colours)
Jill-yg-e   Jill Earrings in Yellow Gold (Available in 17 colours)
Jill-yg-n   Jill Necklace in Gold (17 colours available)
Jill-ro-n   Jill Necklace in Rhodium (17 colours available)
johanna-ro-e   Johanna Earring in Rhodium
johanna-yg-e   Johanna Earring in Yellow Gold
Julia-ro-e   Julia Earrings in Rhodium
Julia-yg-e   Julia Earrings in Yellow Gold
julia-ro-n   Julia Necklace in Rhodium
julia-yg-n   Julia Necklace in Yellow Gold
kai-yg-n   Kai Necklace in Gold
kai-ro-n   Kai Necklace in Rhodium
Katniss-e   Katniss Earrings
katniss-n   Katniss Necklace
kelsey-yg-e   Kelsey Earrings in Gold
kelsey-ro-e   Kelsey Earrings in Rhodium
Kelsey-yg-n   Kelsey Necklace in Gold
Kelsey-ro-n   Kelsey Necklace in Rhodium
Key-n   Key Necklace
key-ro-n   Key Necklace in Rhodium
key-yg-n   Key Necklace in Yellow Gold
khloe-ro-e   Khloe Earrings in Rhodium
khloe-yg-e   Khloe Earrings in Yellow Gold
khloe-ro-n   Khloe Necklace in Rhodium
khloe-yg-n   Khloe Necklace in Yellow Gold
leena-ro-e   Leena Earrings in Rhodium
leena-yg-e   Leena Earrings in Yellow Gold
leena-ro-n   Leena Necklace in Rhodium
leena-yg-n   Leena Necklace in Yellow Gold
lesley-ro-n   Lesley Necklace in Rhodium
lesley-yg-n   Lesley Necklace in Yellow Gold
d-lightblue   Light Blue Dahlia Earrings
d-lightpink   Light Pink Dahlia Earrings
r-lightpink   Light Pink Small Rose Earrings
r-lightpurple   Light Purple Small Rose Earrings
d-lightturquoise   Light turquoise Dahlia Earrings
r-lightturquoise   Light Turquoise Small Rose Earrings
d-lime   Lime Dahlia Earrings
r-lime   Lime Small Rose Earrings
Linden-wg-e   Linden Earrings in Rhodium
Linden-yg-e   Linden Earrings in Yellow Gold
linden-ro-n   Linden Necklace in Rhodium
linden-yg   Linden Necklace in Yellow Gold
Lisa-yg-e   Lisa Earrings in Gold
Lisa-ro-e   Lisa Earrings in Rhodium
Lisa-yg-n   Lisa Necklace in Gold
Lisa-ro-n   Lisa Necklace in Rhodium
Lola-ro-e   Lola Earrings in Rhodium
Lola-yg-e   Lola Earrings in Yellow Gold
lola-yg-n   Lola Necklace in Gold
lola-ro-n   Lola Necklace in Rhodium
Love-ro-br   Love Bracelet in Rhodium
Love-yg-br   Love Bracelet in Yellow Gold
love-ro-n   Love Necklace in Rhodium
love-yg-n   Love Necklace in Yellow Gold
Maddy-yg-e   Maddy Earrings in Gold
Maddy-ro-e   Maddy Earrings in Rhodium
Maddy-yg-n   Maddy Necklace in Gold
Maddy-ro-n   Maddy Necklace in Rhodium
Madison-yg-br   Madison Bracelet in Gold
Madison-ro-br   Madison Bracelet in Rhodium
Madison-ro-n   Madison Necklace in Rhodium
Madison-yg-n   Madison Necklace in Yellow Gold
margo-ro-e   Margo Earrings in Rhodium
margo-yg-e   Margo Earrings in Yellow Gold
margo-ro-n   Margo Necklace in Rhodium
margo-yg-n   Margo Necklace in Yellow Gold
marina-ro-br   Marina Bracelet in Rhodium
marina-yg-br   Marina Bracelet in Yellow Gold
marina-ro-n   Marina Necklace in Rhodium
marina-yg-n   Marina Necklace in Yellow Gold
Marleen-e   Marleen Earrings
Marleen-n   Marleen Necklace
Mia-e   Mia Earrings
Michelle-e   Michelle Earrings
michelle-n   Michelle Necklace
Nectar-yg-e   Nectar Earrings in Gold
Nectar-ro-e   Nectar Earrings in Rhodium
Nectar-yg-n   Nectar Necklace in Gold
Nectar-ro-n   Nectar Necklace in Rhodium
lr-neongreen   Neon Green Large Rose Earrings
nicki-b   Nicki Bracelet
Nicki-e   Nicki Earrings
Nina-e   Nina Earrings
Nina-n   Nina Necklace
Olympia-ro-e   Olympia Earrings in Rhodium (17 colours Available)

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